Zachary Pisarski


Zach Pisarski Professional Photo

My name is Zach Pisarski. I have the special privilege of being SOCA’s very first missionary. I am amazed to see how God has been preparing me for the mission for so many years. When I entered middle school, God started to reveal to me the beauty and truth of the Church and himself. His beauty has continued to draw me deeper and deeper into an intimate relationship with him. By the time I reached high school, I realized that my own self-interest and self-reliance prevented me from expressing this beauty to others. In God’s generosity, he sent me St. Therese to show me how to trust in God and allow him to manifest his will in my life. 


In college I studied chemical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Coming to UT, I was not only astounded at how much Satan dominated the culture but also how much so many of my peers were indifferent to -- if not embraced -- these evils. God gave his entire life for us, and we so easily submit to sin in the fear of rebuke. Surrounded in this darkness, God has given me a profound desire to become his witness and manifest his love for the world. I have met so many people from so many different places in the world who are thirsting for God, even a glimpse. Indeed, God is real, and I wish to live according to this reality each and every moment! 


As a missionary with SOCA, I hope to love God, doing his work. I hope to teach others to love him ever more deeply. God’s generosity is limitless. He desires each and every one of his creations to become saints and join in the glory Heaven, the reason for our creation. We do not become saints because we neglect his laws, his mercy, and his love! We are the ones who fail to receive his generosity. I am deeply grateful to join SOCA and amazed at God’s work!!