Missionaries’ formation

SOCA: Constitution studied; daily rule (done with other SOCA missionaries) of 60+ min of mental prayer, 15 minutes of spiritual reading, 15+ minutes of study (90-120+ for the first few months), daily Mass, spiritual direction (personally chosen director), daily/weekly/monthly planning and organization, regular retreats, exposure to ministry and practice with 1-1 accountability

Doctrine: Baltimore Catechism; 1P3 training; Fr. Jackson’s audio recordings on the Catechism; read 4 Last Things book; Realism by LaGrange; Introduction to Aquinas by Feser; Theology for Begginers by Frank Sheed

Liturgy and Culture: daily low Mass and Sunday High Mass; reverent attire and demeanor, household setup; liturgical calendar followed (fasting and feasting); SOCA recreation; audio list; read books on liturgical calendar

Spiritual: read Conversation with Christ, Three Ages of the Interior Life, I Want to See God, Life of St. Teresa of Avila, Interior Castle, Soul of the Apostolate, Introduction to the Devout Life; accountability with rule described above under “SOCA”

Apostolate: practice with accountability and running 1P3 groups, event coordination, follow inspirations of the Holy Ghost; read Soul of the Apostolate, The Old Evangelization, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Foundations of Saint Teresa of Avila, 4 Gospels, Acts, letters of Saint Paul, “Can We Be Saints?”

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