Kevin Roerty SOCA

Founder and President


Founder's Story: Kevin Roerty

My hometown is Fort Collins, CO. After a sinful start to high school, I had a deep conversion to the faith and was inspired by mysticism, as well as developed a zeal for evangelization. I proceeded to discern with friars in France, living there for two years. After the most amazing formation I could have asked for yet determining I had a call to more front-line evangelization, I came back to the United States and became a FOCUS missionary. While in FOCUS, I blended my learning and experience of a rich and regimented spiritual life along with the dynamic apostolic outreach of FOCUS. This synthesis led to the founding of "Souls of the Christian Apostolate (SOCA)" in 2018, based on a book that was part of the formation reading for both the friars and FOCUS missionaries: The Soul of the Apostolate by Dom Chautard. Priests from Denver caught wind of this idea and invited me to implement SOCA that year.


The Soul of the Apostolate

This spiritual classic (Pope Saint Piux X's "bedside reading") proves that ministry must stem from personal holiness which is found in intimacy with Christ through daily meditative prayer (combating activism). Formation geared toward this intimacy builds zealous, competent, and grace-filled apostles. SOCA aims to utilize dynamic attraction (such as with FOCUS) to gain the attention of youths (and eventually all ages of Catholics), and then implement The Soul of the Apostolate in discipleship with a very practical plan of formation.