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My name is Julia Houck. I grew up in northern Virginia and moved to Austin, Texas two years ago and am now a sophomore studying Public Relations at Texas State University. This past year while many classes and organizations were online or cancelled, the Newman Center on campus awaited students to return. From going to Adoration at 8am every morning to Bible Study at 7pm at night, I dove deeply into the Truth each and every day.

However up until last year, I failed to strive after the faith with my whole being. In March of 2020, I experienced “a conversion of heart.” With everything becoming locked down, I had an abundance of time to seek the faith full heartedly. Reading Scripture and the lives of the saints and discovering the immense depth of Catholicism through tradition, God's grace has led to where I am today.

This summer I will be aiding Souls of the Christian Apostolate to increase our media presence in order to bring more people to SOCA’s mission of forming Catholics through the interior life.