Three Layers of Involvement

The most universal for personal and group formation, utilize our library of spiritual and apostolic resources, training modules, and SOCA Rule app. This aims to be

  1. "Do-It-Yourself" friendly (use independent of official SOCA oversight)
  2. Customizable use of modules and resources)
  3. Practical (education integrated with habit-formation)
  4. Progressive (increasing in degree of depth and difficulty)
  5. Clear (concrete benchmarks)

For those remote as well as in Denver: more intensive for your spiritual and apostolic life, become an official SOCA Respresentative at the local level by receiving interactive leadership training (local or remote) with zoom small group meetings led by SOCA leaders. You would be acting as a catalyst for SOCA cells by integrating the mission at the local area of other apostolates, parishes, and/or friend and family circles. This entails 1) familiarity with the member platform, 2) a 40-day candidacy period, and 3) 6-months of formation with weekly formation meetings, study, and strategic action-planning with SOCA leaders to accomplish the mission in your sphere of influence--beginning with your soul and family.

The most intensive, receive rigorous formation and become a "missionary" in the Catholic Action movement as a full-time SOCA Leader. This entails a two-year commitment and personal support raising.