About SOCA


An army of interior shocktroops

Founded in 2018 as a lay apostolate, SOCA operates with our Archbishop’s endorsement (Denver) with the mission to spiritually form Catholic action leaders. Convinced of the necessity of the interior life and the Church's mission for the salvation of souls, SOCA aims for the renewal of the Church on a grassroots level. Individuals who with disciplined zeal, daily mental prayer, and a personal rule of life are the elite "shocktroops" we aim to form. These shocktroops will be united by their apostolic purpose and doctrinal convictions, organically radiating an apostolate at their local level. One thousand interior "shocktroops" can impact more than one million lukewarm Catholics.

Mission and Method:

"Spiritually forming Catholic action leaders."

Flowing from our organic yet structured outreach funnel, SOCA’s primary action is that of formation, tying theory with practice. This happens through cells of 4-8 individuals guided by our full-time missionaries. These cells go through various stages of formation over 6-12 months covering units through discussion and actionable items in the four domains of spirituality, tradition, culture and the domestic Church, and the apostolate. These leaders then share the fruits of their formation through organic initiatives at their local level according to their inspirations and state of life, universally practicing a daily rule of life.

Episcopal Endorsement

Archbishop Aquila

"Souls of the Christian Apostolate responds to the need of forming the next generation of Catholic lay apostles. I endorse SOCA's budding mission as crucial for the Church. We are blessed by SOCA's presence in the Archdiocese of Denver."

+Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver, CO