About SOCA

What is SOCA? Souls of the Christian Apostolate (SOCA) is a lay apostolate in Denver aiming to form interior apostles. Inspired by The Soul of the Apostolate (Chautard) and The Three Ages of the Interior Life (LaGrange), SOCA was founded in 2018 by Kevin Roerty. We have multiple chaplains and the formal endorsement of Archbishop Aquila. Currently, the primary apostolate is in Denver and the Auraria campus of 47,000+ students, but also works with leaders all around the US.

End Goal: A movement of renewal in the Church which saves all souls and nations in the world through local leaders of parishes, families, and Catholic Action apostolates. Saints and vocations will be born from this movement, influencing souls to be be saved from eternal fire.

Two-Fold Mission

  1. Form Interior Apostles: hands-on formation to make interior and zealous Catholic leaders
  2. Save souls: influence and convict the masses with the perennial message of the eternal and interior life.

In the words of Dom Chautard’s The Soul of the Apostolate, this will establish much-needed teams of ”shock-troops” alongside our priests--and a grassroots renewal in the Church, and therefore the world, will grow.

Two Branches of Activity:

  1. Apostolate: Evangelizing, winning and forming leaders on-the-ground.
  2. Formation: Creation and widespread distribution of formation materials for Catholic Action and Family leaders based on the apostolate.

Episcopal Endorsement

Archbishop Aquila

"Souls of the Christian Apostolate responds to the need of forming the next generation of Catholic lay apostles. I endorse SOCA's budding mission as crucial for the Church. We are blessed by SOCA's presence in the Archdiocese of Denver."

+Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver, CO